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Locksmith dispatch point:
Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith, W6 7NL
  • Entry gained to all lock types
  • We supply, fit or repair any lock
  • UPVC replacement locks & keys
  • Window and Garage door locks
  • Access control

If you have ever been stuck outside your car, home or office and delayed to get important things done and spend time with the ones you care about, you know how important it is to find a good Hammersmith locksmith that is local, available and professional.

If you’ve been stranded outside in a strange neighborhood where you are not sure what to expect or who to ask for help, you also know just what makes getting prompt service so essential.

Our service stretches out all over the Hammersmith area to those in desperate need of locksmiths as soon as possible. Regardless of whether the lock is stuck, broke or you just forgot the dang key, we can get you out faster than any of our competitors.

Don’t believe us? Call 0203 397 0989 right now and see just how fast and effective our service is!

Hammersmith Locksmiths in Less Time? Call 0203 397 0989!

Are you late for an important meeting and just locked yourself out of your car? This can be one of the most irritating hassles you will ever experience. Truth is, getting around a situation like this is a hassle that might just cost you your next promotion or spending time with the friends and family you care about.

You don’t want to be late, do you?

In that case, we won’t be late either!

One of the guarantees with our Hammersmith locksmith service is we will arrive in less time than any of our competitors. We guarantee that you will receive a quick and easy fix to your lock problems so well that we put ourselves and our reputation on the line in order to make it happen.

Remember, we are local to the Hammersmith area, so getting around here isn’t too tough for us and we can make it within 20-30 minutes without a problem.

So sit back, grab a quick coffee or call a friend on the phone and relax for a bit. We will be there in no time at all!

Locksmiths in Hammersmith on call 24 hours a day

We understand how the industry works and how your life works. We get exactly why it is so important to be ready to go any hour of the day because the truth is, the inconvenience of a locked car without a key never picks a convenient time to strike.

It may be right before work, right before a big game or right after leaving from a late night on the town with friends.

Truth is, 4 AM isn’t the most convenient time for any of us to be dealing with the problems of a Hammersmith locksmith fixing your issue.

But then again, if it were an intended consequence, the timing would always be convenient.

Reality is a lot more tricky. You might lose your keys in your car at 2 in the morning. You might drop them into a river at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Either way, you didn’t think about doing it accidentally, so there’s no way you would have timed it conveniently either!

For that reason, our locksmiths in Hammersmith are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call at 0203 397 0989 to get our prompt, friendly service at any hour of the day with zero exceptions.

We will be there, regardless of the time and the convenience.

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“Professional and timely, exactly what we were hoping for.”

-  Mr Kaday